Monday, August 23, 2010

Some Combinations Weren't Meant to Be...

Some combinations are winners:
oil + vinegar
salt + pepper
peaches + cream
chocolate + peanut butter
vanilla + chocolate
chocolate + caramel
chocolate + salt

but chocolate + bacon????

The cooking culture has trends and "bacon" has been an trend.  Bacon covered in chocolate, bacon added to cookies, bacon flavored mayonnaise, etc, etc.  When Allie & I were in a chocolate shop in Hanover, we saw a row of gourmet chocolate bars.  There were all sorts of flavors - ginger, wasabi, sea salt and bacon.
We splurged at $3.99 for a 0.5 oz bar.  Tonight, we split the bar among the four of us.
And the results were 4 votes NEGATIVE.
Yuck.  Eek.  We needed to get rid of the flavor.
The smokey bacon flavor mixed with chocolate didn't work for us.  Not at all.

What was I thinking?????

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Laurie said...

yeah that sounds kind of gross