Sunday, August 01, 2010

Tracy Library Gardens

Tracy Library made a large addition to the back of the library in the '90's. During this time, they discovered plans for the original garden that was built for the library by it's benefactor Jane Tracy.
Since 2002, volunteers as well as the Garden Club recreated the original garden, complete with fountain & sculptures. I have posted pics from the garden here before and the area is beautiful and seasonal. But, here are some of my very favorite images that do not contain the fountain.
The sound of the fountain is very peaceful and the gardens are quite beautiful...
I love the stone steps. I think they are rugged, classic and beautiful. They are simple and rustic and welcoming. I love to sit on them and take "lazy pictures" of whatever I can capture from one spot!
At the top of the stairs are these beauties! I don't know their names, but the color is unusual as is the orb shape! They are grown by the dozens and are very effective and striking.
This flower was eye height with me! Gorgeous!
These tiny flowers were hidden at the top of the stairs. Look at the slight gradation in purples to pinks!
The daisies are just a little past their prime, but are lovely and tall! They come up past my waist!
I think these are a type of begonia and they are elegant and beautiful.

Roses. Lovely greenery makes them really stand out.

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