Monday, August 16, 2010

Weird. Just Weird.

The owners of Interior Additions in Concord are renovating their storefront on North Main Street.  While removing an old tin ceiling tile, the workers spotted a glint of gold and proceeded to find dozen of teeth spill out of the tile, left from the old floorboards from the apartment above.
While discovering unexpected things is not new for this owner - he has found a live mortar shell in another of his buildings in Concord, and still antique cars from the '20s in another property - he finds the teeth quite odd.
The teeth include molars with roots, capped teeth with gold fillings, about 50 in all - including parts of some dentures.
The space was previously occupied by the NH Council for the Arts and currently, the Sierra Club.
The owner suspects that it was occupied by a dentist at one time.
But, why hoard teeth in the floorboards?  With the exception of some fillings, they weren't valuable.  And 50 teeth, while a large lot for non-dentists is hardly a lot for a dentist....

Being a suspicious person, I have my own theories, but either way - I agree, it is strange.

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