Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What a Day!

And I thought that I was having a bad week on Monday.  Well, this man, Steven Slater may have had the worst week of us all.
Mr. Slater was a Jet Blue Flight Attendant.  After the flight that he was working on, landed at JFK.  He was in the aisle while an overzealous passenger attempted to remove his oversize bag from the luggage compartment.  The passenger's bag hit Slater in the head, causing a gash.  The passenger refused to apologize.
Slater & the passenger had words and the passenger used some curse words towards the bleeding attendant.
Slater had had enough.
He walked over and commandeered the loudspeaker.  He specifically addressed the man whose luggage had injured him, clarifying who should F@## Off.  He also stated that he had been in this business for 28 years and he was done.
Then, Slater pulled the emergency slide from the plane, went to the cooler, removed two beers, slid down the slide, walked into the terminal, got in his car and drove home.
JetBlue did not notify the Port Authority for 20 minutes, giving time for Slater to make his getaway.

Police arrived at Slater's home on Monday afternoon and quietly took him into custody.  Judge granted him bail until his hearing.  At this time, Slater has not had his bail paid and he remains in jail.

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