Sunday, August 08, 2010

Zipline in NH

Today, we took the girls to Plymouth to run a ropes course and zip line. It was fun!
Ashley had done one before in 8th grade, but the rest of us had not. We found that northern NH has a few zipline/ropes courses and tried this one on the Tenney Mountain Highway. Since it was a gorgeous day, we really lucked out. There were few bugs, it wasn't muggy or rainy!
Here we are at the beginning of the course - or I should really say the bottom. It took our group of 10, 3 trips to the top in a four wheeler. We were the last group up and took a picture while waiting.
Our first course was a tightrope walk that eased us into being up high with a harness. It was actually a lot easier than I expected and we were pleased!
Here is Jon zipping along the line. The lines (aircraft cables) are bolted to trees and boulders. We put on safety gear, harness, carabineers and a helmut and essentially "slide" down the lines. The lines are really high up, over streams, rocks and ski trails.
Ashley was great! Actually, Allie, Jon & Ashley were all naturals. I had a little fear over the "Tarzan" course. You swing from a rope like Tarzan and land on a rope ladder and climb up. I had a little problem with the initial fall, but enjoyed the swinging part. Jon even did the 'Ah, Eee, Ahh' Tarzan yell!
Allie was adorable going down the rope tube.... She even let me take her photo, which I told her about even before we went on the adventure!

Here are the "lobster claws". On this course, everyone was chained to a tree (for our safety) before we went down the zip line, one by one.
What a great day!

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