Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Picking at Gould Hill Orchards - part 1

Ashley & I took a quick trip to Gould Hill Farm in Hopkinton, NH. Gould Hill is a beautiful farm with breathtaking views of the White Mountains.  It was a beautiful day for apple picking with pleasant temperatures in the 60s.
This is a great year for apples.  The trees are plentiful and the orchard posts signs stating that they are running 10 days ahead of schedule due to the warm summer.

And since I take apple picking very seriously, I brought my best worker.  Ashley has a great reach and she looks for the best apples.

circa 2000 (in training for years!)

She has been in training for years!  Although back when this picture was taken, her reach wasn't as impressive as it is now.

Here is my worker bee. I am so proud of her for getting the best apples!

Turnabout is fair play and she photographed me as well.  I look like a tourist with the camera and shopping bag!  Good Grief!

As we left, we stopped at the Orchard Store which is open on weekends.  They were selling lots of already picked apples (so many varieties! more on that in Part 2) and the store/barn was heavily scented with freshly made cider donuts.  We had to try them.

The verdict.... Fantastic.  The donut was still hot from the oil.  It tasted to light and yummy, more like a pastry than any other donut I have ever had.  There is no comparison between freshly made donuts and older ones...

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow.

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DamianC said...

Apple picking is very fun. The kids love when we go to the orchard. We all love the cider Doughnuts as well!