Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Picking at Gould Hill Orchards - part 2

We picked so many varieties yesterday!  Because of the warm weather, different varieties of apples are ready much sooner than usual.
We purchased the Kearsarges, Jonamacs and Early Gold varieties at the Orchard store, but picked the rest!  I hadn't tried most of these -- at least not that I knew of.  My verdict - I didn't care for the Early Gold or Jonamacs - I thought they were mealy in texture.  I would prefer Golden Delicious over the Early Gold.  The Jonamacs were pretty, but not tasty.
The Northern Spy Apples were fantastic.  And the Macouns were fantastic for cooking.

These trees weren't labeled so I don't know the variety of apple, but they are gorgous!

These apples are so dark that they were almost black!  Very striking

These yellow apples were quite interesting.  They were bid and robust and I suspect that they are used to make cider.

But, aside from eating an apple freshly picked, I think this is the best way to enjoy fresh apples!

A delicious apple pie made with all the different apples we got from the orchard.

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