Saturday, September 11, 2010

Before & After!

Today, we had another busy day.  The girls started their day taking the ACT test and were in Claremont at 7:45 am!
Jon & I went to the plant to work on a big furnace that he has to show on Monday morning.  He told before hand that we had to "clean up some wires".... I will let you be the judge....
Here is the before:
After much hard work, here is the after...
Much more presentable, don't you think?

Jon did most of the work.  He stood inside the cabinet and created bundles.  I stood on a ladder next to the furnace and pulled wires from each bundle as he directed.  What a relief, when we tied our last wire!!!
Jon told me that they needed over 5,000 feet of wire for this furnace.  I felt like I pulled every foot of it!

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