Monday, September 06, 2010

Birthday Thanks!

Thank you to everyone for the heartfelt birthday wishes!  I was given the sweetest birthday serenade by my adorable niece, followed by a delivery of garden fresh produce by my father.  Allie made a delicious pumpkin pie and the girls even got me a Carvel cake!!!
I was sent warm wishes from friends and family.  I am very appreciative of it.
Jon and I went for a long hike today (will post it tomorrow) and we enjoyed the beautiful weather.
The girls & Jon return to school tomorrow and we start the academic calendar again.

On the tennis front, my rating was raised to 4.0 and I tried to appeal back down but my appeal was denied. This prevents me from playing on my good friend Natasha's 3.5 team.  I am very lucky though, as Natasha has invited me to continue practicing with the team!  This made my day.

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