Monday, September 27, 2010

Blast from the Past: Favorite Book

When we visited Dame this past weekend, he took us to a book sale at the library annex.  He knows how we love books and this sale was fantastic.  So many books, so little time!
I did find a few that I liked and so did Theo!
Dame & I got to talking about how his children love to read and to have someone read to them.  We discussed some favorite titles from our own childhood.  He told me that Theo has memorized The Cat in the Hat!  I asked him if he had the book Wacky Wednesday for the kids.  Dame thought about it for  minute and then said that he didn't think so....

Well, that is just awful!  How could a child be raised without this fabulous book?
In true Dr. Suess fashion, it is full of rhymes, is silly and is oh so fun! 
Wacky Wednesday was published in 1974 and when I was a little kid, I borrowed the book from the library and LOVED it.  I remember asking my father to buy me it and he searched and searched for it.  When he gave it to me I read it until the pages were torn!
The twins loved it too!
Not only was the book a fun read because of the rhymes, but the book was a bit of a challenge, having to find all the "wacky" things on each page.  This was very exciting as a kid... think of a pre "Where's Waldo" era or an "I Spy".
The book begins with the verse, 
It all began with a shoe on the wall.
A shoe on the wall?
Shouldn't be there at all!

I began reminiscing about the poem and thinking and then Damian brought be back to reality....
You just liked it because of the shower scene....

Spoken like a true little brother.


SOFIA said...

I love that book!
Try 'The Best Nest'

Laurie said...

I used to love it too. I think I have it somewhere!