Friday, September 03, 2010

Boston & Ferraris

When in Boston, Jon and I encountered a lot of traffic.  Everything seemed exasperated by the intense heat of the day - it was as if everything was steaming!
But, one thing we saw that was unusual, even for Boston, was a brand new bright red Ferrari.  Sadly, the car had died at a stoplight, adding to the already congested roads.  
As we got nearer to the traffic, we spotted the car - with its hazard lights on.  But, even before we got to the car, we could smell something burning.
Now, we don't see Ferrari's everyday, here in NH, so seeing the beautiful car was a sight in itself, but seeing it incapacitated was even more unusual.

Today, while searching for news, I found this article about a Ferrari recall. It seems that this model has been recalled due to something failing in the intense heat.

Wow!  That explains what we saw.  Terrible to see a car failure causing traffic - even sadder to see such a beautiful one as the culprit!

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