Friday, September 10, 2010

Busy, Busy Week!

Where did the week go?  It is already Friday night and I can't believe all that has happened.  Maybe the week just flew bye because it was Labor Day or my birthday -- but regardless of the reason I feel like the week was a blur.
The girls are taking their ACT's tomorrow morning.  The ACT's are a test similar to the SATs.  Still a 3 hour long ordeal that they need proof of identification, a huge registration fee and patience to take!  Not all colleges require it, but if they do well on it, it helps their chances in some schools.

We had a long term problem with our satellite dish in that it stopped getting connection.  We had been so busy, that I hadn't bothered to call Dish Network, but finally did on Thursday.  I must admit, I was dreading the call.  I had to go through a phone tree - enter your phone number, etc, etc.  Then the recording "talked me through" some techniques to reset the dish.  When that didn't work, I finally got to speak to a live person.  And I must say- Dish Network was fantastic.  Not only did they attempt to solve my problem over the phone, but they set me up with a local repair technician for the next day!
They gave me the usual "window" of 12 - 5 pm for an appointment.
The technician called me at 11:45 to tell me he would arrive by 12:15.  I was impressed.
Then, he arrived when he said he would, was polite, kind and courteous.  He took care of the problem, worked for a little while and fixed the problem!

This was a whole new experience for us!  In the past, getting any service appointment - from plumber, electrician, cable etc has been like pulling teeth!  Then the "window" of time that they give - if any-- is never accurate or even close.  Lastly, we have had some pretty shady workers come here to fix things.  This technician didn't give me the creeps and didn't break anything in the process of doing his job!  Unreal.
I certainly hope that this is a trend in service calls!

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Laurie said...

We had a recent good experience with them also! We had a Sunday morning visit which was great since I didn't have to miss work for it.