Wednesday, September 01, 2010

First Day of September

Jon and I took an afternoon trip to Boston today to get Jon's student ID and parking pass.  It was unbelievably hot out!
Notice how the car's dashboard reads a staggering 101 degrees!!!  This was photographed right outside Boston at around 4:30 today!

Despite the intense heat, people were everywhere! Pedestrians, runners, bikers -- people in cars, trucks, etc!

We also drove from MIT to Harvard Square - both in Cambridge, 1.4 miles from each other and it added an additional 2 hours to our journey!!! There was so much traffic.  Luckily, we found a parking space in front of the Japanese store I was looking for, so parking wasn't a problem.  But, there was so much congestion that getting through lights took forever.  People were blocking intersections, making wrong turns, breaking down. -- We were so glad to get on the highway and return to NH - even if the traffic was slow on 93.

We found the little Japanese store that we were looking for and I found some bento (lunch box) supplies for the girls' lunches.  Mission accomplished, although next time, I think I will shop online.

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