Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hiking:Mount Sunapee, Newbury NH

Here is the view from the top of Mt Sunapee from my Birthday Hike. The hike starts in the Mt Sunapee parking lot that has an 1280 foot elevation.  The top of the mountain has a 2726 foot elevation.  The trail crosses over a ski run and then winds its way through the woods to the top.  The trail can be steep for long periods of time and there are tons of tree roots, downed trees and rocks to avoid.  It was 1.2 miles up to the top.

Jon is checking out a possible trail in this photo.  The field of wildflowers is beautiful.

Look at how narrow the trail is at points!  We brushed up against evergreens and shrubs.

And here is how wide is can be. Notice how it is studded with rocks.  It was a beautiful day and the hike was exhilarating.

Here are the top of the mountain was signs for the trail either back to the parking lot (another 1.2 miles) or the Solitude Trail Ledges 1.1 miles.

We went as far at the Ledges and were rewarded with this view of Lake Solitude.  It was quite pretty.  We ran most of the 1.1 miles to the view!  It was so much fun running though the woods with the canopy of tress!  And then we ran most of the way back!

Here are the ledges and they are HUGE rocks!  I couldn't fit them all in with my camera!

Here we are at the top of the mountain.  A little exhausted and a lot sweaty!  We headed back down the trail.
It seemed to take longer going down!  Who snuck that extra 1/2 mile in there?

I read on the website that the owners of Mt Sunapee might be changing and adding some ski trails, so the Summit Trail that we took up the mountain might be gone soon!

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Sue said...

I came upon your blog with a web search for Sunapee Mountain. I belong to a group called 'Friends of Mount Sunapee' also on Facebook. We are trying to prevent more ski trails on Mt. Sunapee. Would it be possible to use the first picture you posted of your hike? We can give you credit if you like. Please like our page and thanks for enjoying our area! Sue in NH