Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Hopkinton Fair 2010

We visited the Hopkinton Fair on Thursday evening.  We were there after the workday and the crowds were light, even for the first day.  We saw the usual things, but the girls weren't interested in going on rides this year. Signs of getting older.

It was intensely hot, so hot that even the animals had fans to cool them off!

The vendors had everything from traditional favorites like cotton candy, ice cream, fried dough to turkey legs, fried pickles and fudge.

Each year there are shows and this year, the entertainer did some juggling.  He juggled swords while he wore fire gloves while balancing on a roller thing.  Interesting....a little odd.

Ash tried her hand at darts.

Allie went to the shooting gallery.

And here is their loot.... Ash won a batman, won Allie a husky and they have their targets.  Oh, Ash also purchased a marshmallow gun.  You should have heard all the people that told her how lucky she was to have a Batman and a Marshmallow gun!

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