Sunday, September 12, 2010

Necklace Holder

I had been storing my necklaces in little boxes in a drawer.  But, because they were out of sight, for the most part, they were out of mind.  I didn't remember to even think about wearing them until I was in my car on the way to work or some other place, equally unable to get to them.
So, I gave some thought and did some research about towards finding a way to display them, so I could see what I had. I also wanted a way to display a lot of them, not just 3 or 4....
I found some ones online and in jewelry stores.  And some very quite nice, but cost more than most of the necklaces I wanted to display.
So, I gave some thought to it and came up with this idea.

I got all my parts at the hardware store, for under $5!

I took a piece of wood molding and cut it to the length of the place I wanted to hang it.  In my case, it was about 15 inches.  Then, I took tiny hooks, the kind that are used to hang teacups by the handle and screwed them into the wood.  I fit 15 on each piece of wood!  Then, I screwed it into a bookcase.

Actually, I screwed 2 of them into my bookcase.  One for my long necklaces and the other for my shorter ones.
I made a piece for each of the girls as well.  Allie's is hanging in her closet and really helped organize her jewelry.

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Laurie said...

I have the same thing on my wall next to my dresser. My dad and I came up with the idea, and he made it for me. A piece of wood painted black with little hooks on it. I love it!