Monday, September 20, 2010

Tutorial: Making a Jersey Scarf Necklace

This adorable model agreed to wear the scarf for my pictures.  I was thrilled.  The scarf looks even better on her than I imagined!  But, back to the scarf.  It is a fun material made from jersey fabric which can be found in most tee shirts.  This is a great way to reuse an tee.

Start with a tee shirt... any color or mix it up and mix colors.

Take the shirt and carefully fold it in half, spreading out an wrinkles.

Make the slices through both layers of fabric, but discard the edge with the hem.  
Do not cut out the sleeves or part between the neck and underarm.

Here are the strips from the torso.  They are actually loops.  I used an XL size tee shirt.

Now, slice one sleeve in 1 inch strips, forming shorted loops than on the torso.

Take one loop at a time and stretch it out.  It will stretch to twice its size and the edges will curl.  Do this with all the strips from the torso and carefully set aside.

Now, cut the strips from the sleeve in half - so they are no longer loops and stretch them out.

I wanted to add some contrast, so I took an long string of pearls and placed it on top of the pile of stretched torso loops.  I tied the pearls to the top of the loops with 1/2 a strip cut and stretched from the sleeve.

Then, I twisted the loops and the pearls together.  I added a few ties and trimmed them.

And made this adorable necklace/scarf, a scarflace?

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Megan said...

What a fun idea! Thanks for the tutorial.