Thursday, October 07, 2010

College Age Adults & Personal Responsibility

Here is yet another story of underage drinking at Dartmouth.  But there is much more to this story than just underage drinking on a local college campus.
At this point, underage drinking is considered acceptable, despite liquor laws.  But, in a college setting the people involved are given a free pass.
At this party, at a frat house, a 19 year old girl passed out drunk.  She was unresponsive.  Once discovered, those in charge, cleared the house of underage participants and any illegal substances and then called for help.
When the rescue workers arrived, "no one" knew who this girl was, "no one" knew what she had ingested.  Nothing.
Eventually, she was revived in the ambulance and the truth slowly dribbled out.  She was playing beer pong from 11:30 - 1:30 with the frat boys and had 14 twelve ounce beers!

As it stands now, a representative from the frat house will appear in court on a felony charge (not a personal charge, but one against the frat house as an organization with a maximum fine of $100,000.

So, aside from the violation in liquor laws from in the state of NH, aside from serving alcohol to minors, what about the fact that this organization left this girl to die while they scurried around ridding the house of further legal violations?
Will anything come of this aspect of the crime?

We are living in a world where Dartmouth students would let someone die rather than face responsibility for irresponsibly serving alcohol to a minor?

We are at a point in society where selfish actions are the behaviors of the "best and the brightest".  In response to the situation, people cloud the issue, talking about the drinking age being too high or the legalization of marijuana.  The issue was not that laws are too strict, but that some 19 year old girl passed out from alcohol poisoning while at a frat party.  Then, when discovered, the frat took care to rid the house of evidence of their crimes, but only helped the girl when they thought they were in the clear.

Why isn't Dartmouth outraged?

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