Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Cleaning!

The weather has been remarkable lately.  It is also a bit of a reminder to get the yard cleaned up before the snow arrives.  I took advantage of the great weather today to get some fall cleaning done.
Ashley helped me take down the hammock and I started to put away the yard chairs.
Then, I felt so motivated that I decided to finish painting the back of the house.  (This has been on my to-do list for the last year!)
I have been putting this off because painting outside is so weather dependent. It was too hot this summer and the paint/stain would dry faster than I can paint.  When it is too cold, the paint doesn't dry well and it is very uncomfortable to be out there.  Today's weather gave me no excuse, so I thought I better get going at it..
 Here is the before shot.  This is the only part of the back that was halfway done - or two toned...
And after 5 hours of work...
The back is all painted!  Ta da.  What a relief.
Now, to put away the remaining lawn chairs and the potted plants.  Seems that there is always something to do around here!

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SOFIA said...

FABULOUS! Great work Daniela. You said you had done some painting...I had no idea of how much!