Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fall Foliage Festival

Today, the girls started the day bright and early with a SAT test in Claremont.  From there, Allie & Jon went to MIT for a conference on Computer Languages.  That left me to enjoy the beautiful day.
Natasha and I went to the Fall Foliage Festival today and it was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Parts of Main Street were blocked off and the crowds were abundant! The kiddie rides were a hit with the little kiddos!
 The dog agility training was really fun to watch!  I joked with Natasha that the fitness class she teaches looks just like this! (Of course, she doesn't bribe us with treats and pats on the head.)
 The high school Music Program was selling fudge.  Ash got some delicious penuche!
 Natasha and I discovered a long line winding around the midway.  It was for the chicken & lobster dinner.  The line was so long and the BBQ chicken smelled so good... we had to give it a try.  We waited in line for 40 minutes then sat on the hill and had a chicken dinner picnic.  Delicious and worth the wait!

We went to the book sale at the library (always a hit) and to the Barn Sale where I got an adorable little pitcher for flower arranging.
We walked up Kearsarge Mtn Rd and saw all the tents with jewelry, dog treats (Natasha's doggie got a treat) and livestock!
We went to Wingdoodle and made Halloween paper tags for our creative side.

Ashley joined us later in the day and we went to get her a candy apple.  Oh, the decisions!  They had red candy apples (with or without nuts) blue candy apples (blue raspberry) and caramel apples (with & without nuts).
 Ash contemplated her choices....
And decided for the classic caramel!

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