Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Getting Close to Halloween

Halloween used to be a very exciting holiday in our home.  The girls would pick out their Halloween costume sometime near the 4th of July and would spend the summer & fall in giddy anticipation of the big day.  Through the years, we have seen our fair share of costumes...
 From Piera as a pirate, M as Ms. Piggy and me as Kermit
 To Allie as a cowgirl, complete with horsehead!
To Ash as a classic ghost with top hat!  (Always a snazzy dresser).

Well, things have changed.  This year, Ashley wanted to go as "Alice" from the Resident Evil movies.
Alice from Resident Evil
Ashley as Alice 2010
Ash and I put together her costume.  She is a dead ringer!  We chopped and sewed and created the perfect zombie fighter!
She even has the serious facial expression down pat!

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