Friday, October 08, 2010

Halloween Crafts - Reusing a Six Pack of Soda Bottles

I saw a similar item on one of the scrapbooking blogs - using empty glass soda bottles and scrapbook paper and wanted to try something similar.
Since Jon loves to drink cream soda - and it comes in a six pack, I thought this would be a great "green craft".
 First, we saved the empty bottles, caps and the cardboard holster.  We washed them with hot soapy water and made sure they were dry.
I re-papered the cardboard holster with orange cardstock. It helps to reenforce the container, making it stronger and more colorful.  I made little tags with Halloween images on them to tie around the bottles.  I also cut out rounds to paste on top of the bottles, to hide the printing on the cap.
I filled the empty bottles with candies - Skittles, MnM's, Reeces and these Sweet n' Sour candies.  Actually, finding candies that would fit inside the bottle was a bit of a challenge.  I wanted the candies to look colorful.
I tied the tag around each bottle with orange raffia and decorated the container with decorative paper.

I brought it to the RVC health club and delivered it to the tennis pros!  Very fun.

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