Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The History of Turtle Candy....sort of

We are all familiar with the term "turtle" as it describes dessert -- as in chocolate, caramel and some nuts.  But why are cookies, brownies and cheesecakes with these toppings called "turtle"?
It all goes back to the 1930s with companies making candies called Pecan Turtles because the pecans sticking out from the chocolate and caramel resembled turtles poking their heads out.  The extra chocolate run off can form the head and tail.
Nestle was issued a trademark in 1946 for a candy called "turtles".
Through the years many variations have popped up - introducing other nuts besides pecans, like cashes, peanuts, macadamias, etc.  Also, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and even white chocolate are used in making turtles now.
And turtles are called other things as well, chocolate pecan turtles, pecan patties and katydids.
And turtle has been considered a flavor as well.  Turtle cheesecake, turtle brownies, cookies - even turtle coffee and turtle hot chocolate!  What's not to love about caramel, chocolate and nuts?

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