Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Meat Temperature Guide

Whenever I cook meats, I always refer various books I have to check for the proper "cooked temperature". I have a meat thermometer that has the stats listed, but I have been using my quick read thermometer lately, rather than stick the thermometer in the entire time.
Many chickens have the "pop up" thing that pops when the chicken is cooked.  But, I read that they don't always pop, so it is recommended that you test with a thermometer anyways.

Whenever you check for doneness, be careful not to check the bone -- so, on chickens check the thighs. If checking a meatloaf, check the thickest part.  Either way, insert the thermometer halfway deep into the thickest part of the meat.
Remember that most meats do best by resting for 10 minutes  after being removed from the oven and they increases in temperature during this point.

When in doubt, check multiple points on a piece of meat.  And do check the temperature of your oven from time to time.  Even though you set the oven to 400, not all are calibrated correctly.  This way, you know if your oven runs "hot" - where you set it to 400 and it is actually 420 or "cool" with it reading 375.

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