Monday, October 25, 2010

New England!

I know that there is no such thing as a "perfect" family.  Each family has their weirdos, their black sheep (if you are lucky it is only one) and their characters.
I think that our family has an abundance of all three.  Particularly at any given time.

My immediate family is full of oddballs.  We have an odd fascination with rocks and bricks.

As a little child, my brother longed for a rock tumbler.  The purpose of a rock tumbler?  To polish rocks.  I think my brother had a dream to tumble some found rocks and find a diamond!

Growing up, my father would place bricks on the woodstove.  We would wrap them in old blankets and bring them into bed to stay warm during the really cold winters in NH.  A little odd, no?

Jon used to name the rocks by his home when he was a boy.  "Whitey" was a white rock in the shallow waters by his boat.  I think there was a "Blackie" too!

And another generation of rock lovers....
My kids like to collect rocks.  (Yes, they also like pretty rocks, like minerals, crystals and geodes) but they also have a love for everyday rocks.  We keep them in an empty aquarium.  I used to empty their schoolbags when they came home from school or overnight trips to their grandparents.  Their bags were heavy and dusty and full of.... rocks!

Some of this must have rubbed off on me, because we have a large rock in the backyard that I love to watch.  The deer go back there, the squirrels run around it and I love how it is a staple through all the seasons.  I watch it covered with leaves, just peaking out of the snow and barely visible through the summer lush foliage.

But now, it is covered with orange, red and yellow leaves....

 Or it was until I raked, swept and shoveled.
And now, it is barely visible!  I thought that raking the leaves, sweeping the dirt would make its true beauty shine!  But, it seems to blend with the woods.

I still love it and think it is a very handsome rock.

Oh, dear.  I am one of those oddballs, after all.

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