Friday, October 08, 2010

A Quilt for Ashley

Ashley wore lots of flannel pajamas while she was a little child. She had pj's with terriers on them, frogs, zebra print, dots, bubbles and popcorn!  I remember how she looked in all the pjs. Plus, they were so soft  that she never wanted to get rid of them, even when she outgrew them!
So, we saved them and we had an idea to turn them into a quilt.

I made the quilt top by cutting fairly large pieces of pajamas into the  blocks and sewed then altogether.  Then, I placed the quilt top in the closet so that I could get to it one day.

Well, Ashley didn't wait.  I found her using the unquilted quilt top as a blanket.  In response, I decided that it had to be quilted!  So, I gathered my fabric for the backing.
Ash didn't want me to quilt it because she wanted to keep it soft and light, she didn't want it stiff like a quilt.  I wanted to protect the quilt and the backing reenforces it.  So, I decided to quilt it without filler (batting).  The quilt is light and Ashley loves it!

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