Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Recap - 10.23.10

Another busy week as we enter winter.  We had our first snowfall this week with a number of serious auto accidents around town.  One of Jon's tennis friend's daughter was involved in a serious accident Thursday night.  She broker her collarbone and femur (thigh bone) and was rushed to Dartmouth Hitchcock.  Then on Friday, parts of I-89 were closed while a helicopter came and took survivors from a crash away. This was early in the day - right about noon.  One person was killed.

The cold weather now brings regular frosts and icy conditions, something we haven't seen since last May!

On a brighter front, Jon won his singles match today!  He played a long 2 1/4 hour match against an opponent that was young enough to be his son!  Jon won in a third set tiebreak and it was a great match to watch!  As a matter of fact, his entire team swept to victory 5-0!  This was one for the record books and everyone was very happy with the results!

Jon, Allie & I went to the newly opened Peter Christian's Tavern for a late lunch.  The menu is mostly the same with some added burgers.  It was fun to see the old wooden booths and tables, the plants and many of the old staff.

We also spent the late afternoon doing yard work.  I took in the garden hoses and moved the potted plants closer to the house.  Some of the herbs are still surviving, even with the frost!  I think that pulling them closer to the house will prolong their outdoor life even further.
While Jon cut up some downed trees I gathered it for firewood.  Jon & I cleaned up the backyard and while I was moving some old garden plants damaged by the frost, I found 2 eggplant and 1 giant zucchini!
I felt like a kid on Christmas morning!

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