Friday, October 15, 2010

World's Largest Tunnel Connects Switzerland to Italy!

20 years ago, Swiss voters approved the construction of a 35.4 mile tunnel through the Swiss Alps for the purpose of transport of goods to preserve the Alps.  The project has been funded for 23 years and plans to removed over 1 million trucks from the Swiss countryside.  Conservationists claim that the trucks harm plants and cause erosion of the mountains.
The tunnel should open for traffic in 2017 and shave over an hour off the current journey time.  The drilling for this massive tunnel began 14 years ago and the drilling should be completed today!
The Gotthard Bast tunnel connects Italy to Switzerland underground by rail.

This tunnel is being monitored closely as the EU has more plans to create tunnels.  Additionally, 8.7 billion Euros are being spent on additional shorter tunnels that will link high speed trains from Germany to Italy, making the 155 mph trains economical and quick.
Another tunnel would connect Lyon (France) to Turin (Italy) and a third would connect Austia and Italy - one of the major transport routes in the Alps.

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SOFIA said...

Yes, I remember hearing about some Italians heavily protesting the tunnel that would connect Lyon with Turin.