Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boston Trade Show

This is the week of our annual trade show in Boston.  Larry is there manning the booth - providing it arrived!  The booth is sent from our facility in Concord to the various shows.  It should be a rather smooth transition, at least one would think!  But, somehow it never manages to work out that way.
Here is a partial pic of the booth with many of the posters jammed together at the office.  We set it up to get a feel for that booth, see what we are missing and the like.  Then we break it down, pack everything, ship it and cross our fingers that it arrives.   Yesterday was "set up" and I was the courier for the posters. The largest one is 54x36 inches and because it is lined and then velcro added to the back - it becomes very difficult to transport easily.  I had a giant cardboard folder made up to protect all the posters.  It worked great.... EXCEPT I had to fit this gigantic rectangle contraption into my car, then walk around with it.  It worked.  But, was a little tight in the elevator in the Prudential Center.
 Here is the Boston Skyline in the distance.  Since I am familiar with Cambridge, I drove past MIT and down Massachusetts Ave to get there.  This was a familiar sight and the weather was beautiful.
I crossed the bridge and could see the Prudential Center!

 The building with the tower (center of the photo) was my destination.

 While stopped at a light, I noticed the taxi in front of me was #1.  Wow.  That was odd, with the thousands of taxis in Boston, I was behind the first one registered.  I found that kind of cool!

And once inside the Prudential Center, I saw the beautiful and humongous Christmas ornaments!
Very pretty!

Oh - Our booth that was guaranteed to be delivered by noon was no where to be found!  Larry was on the phone with the shipping company who eventually found it and promised it would be there  in 2 hours.  We went to lunch and still no booth!  Again, we tried contacting the shipping company.  We even had some of the teamsters looking for our "teal colored containers"....  Nothing.

Eventually, it was tracked down again and promised to be delivered by nightfall, but so much for the shipping guarantee.  I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that it arrived at all!

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