Thursday, November 04, 2010

Cold and Flu Prevention - Quick Tips

We all know that we are approaching cold and flu season.  While "flu shots" are now offered in every drug store in the country, there are other less invasive ways for prevention.  The obvious methods:

1. Wash your hands - (this can not be emphasized enough). Wash before you touch your face, your food and after shaking hands.
2. Eat well.
3. Drink plenty of water

But, there are other ways as well that we can incorporate into our lives.  Did you know that the average cell  phone is dirtier than the average toilet handle?

1. Carry your own pen.  If you use your charge or debit card, carry your own pen in your wallet, pocket or purse.  This prevents you using the pen that the clerk hands to every Typhoid Mary that shops in their store.
2. Clean your cell phone, your house phone and your work phone with a clean cloth and rubbing alcohol.  Do this as often as necessary.  If you are the only one using a phone, clean it as you wish.  If you share a phone (at work) then clean it daily during cold season.
3. Clean your door handles.

And for additional prevention:

4. Launder your scarves, hats and mittens regularly.
5. Don't thumb through the magazines in waiting rooms, doctor's offices and grocery lines.
6. Wash your hands after using any public computer terminal, water fountain handle or buttons for parking stubs, ATM machines and vending machines.

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