Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coming Up Next and Motivation

Today - I was featured on craftgawker (#18077 scroll down the page, it's on the far right!) for my Beaded Poinsettia Tutorial!

Today - I get to use my new leaf blower/mulcher to clean up my walkway before the snow comes!  I can't tell you how many leaves I have shoveled after a snowfall.  I only dreamed of shoveling a walkway without fall leaves.... oh, the things we dream about!

In 2 days - My Oven Gets Fixed!!  (OK, I am being optimistic, but the repairman is coming! Almost as good as Santa)

In 15 days - Thanksgiving 2010

In 16 Days - The Christmas Season Begins!

I have been busy working on all things  - actual work, home stuff and even my tennis!  How does someone get motivated?  I wish I knew.  I call it a "fire in my belly" and I have always felt it.

I can remember a discussion in high school psychology class where the teacher asked if it was possible to motivate others.  The point of the lecture was that the teacher believed it was not possible to motivate others, but rather motivation came from within.
From my perspective at the time, as a 17 year old, I thought he was "splitting hairs".  That actually determining why people do things (being motivated by another or choosing to do something outright) was a pointless act.  I mean, who really knows the exact (accurate) reason why we do things?

As I aged, matured I remembered that discussion.  I have seen so many more people who are clearly motivated in life and others who are not.  There are those people that are clearly "driven", who live to accomplish things, who are on a mission, who have gumption and passion.
There are also people who seem to lack any real drive at all.  They seem comfortable going through life as it happens.
And then there are those in between.  These are the people who are selectively driven.  They are motivated by their passions, but their passions are a part time venture.

Having taught lots of children various sports (from skiing, to karate, to tennis) I am always meeting kids with various personalities and various drives.  I remember one high school girl who seemed to me to have no motivation whatsoever.  On the tennis court, she wouldn't run to a ball, wouldn't even try and swing her racquet.  And unless that ball was thrown at her racquet, it never made contact.  To this day, I am not sure why she wanted to play tennis.
Then, there are other kids who I see arrive at the tennis court carrying a backpack, a pile of books, their tennis bag and sometimes other bags (musical instruments, computers or projects).
Inevitably, these are the same kids who run for shots, who pick up the tennis balls without being asked and who are sad when practice is over.

Clearly, I am a sucker for enthusiastic people.
Despite my jabs at my husband for waking up later than me in the mornings (I have been known to call him "Sleeping Beauty") it is because he spends all night working on his computer.
My art table is always full of my current project(s) and my daughters are the same way.  Our dining room table hasn't seen the light of day since last year's Christmas dinner.  After that meal, it was the main command table for model helicopter repairs.  It has now turned into our own Genius Bar for electronics repair!

I don't come by motivation by accident. My father's stockroom for his restaurant looks like a high end grocery store.  The wine cellar is something out of a sommelier's dream.  Each station in the building has a dedicated purpose: be it specialty baking ingredients (gluten free flours) non-alcoholic beverages, holiday decorations, even the administrative work has its own home.  And lest you think this was done with an inventory control tag, he keeps everything organized by himself.  Because, this is his passion, his vigor.

So, can we motivate people or is motivation from within?
I still don't know.
Some people are born with a fervor.
Some people observe that in others and want it for themselves.
And some people don't have any gumption.

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