Saturday, November 06, 2010

Mourning My Oven This Morning

I guess I am dramatic at times.  We really aren't roughing it.

We do not have a working oven.  Last week, I tried to preheat the oven to make some pastries and the oven never turned on.  This happens a lot to gas ovens - most probably the ignitor needs to be replaced.
I have been making dinners on the stove and on the grill quite nicely.

But, for someone who bakes for mental clarity, to relax and unwind, I am ROUGHING IT!
Baking in a toaster oven doesn't quite cut it... and besides my toaster oven is a dedicated kiln for polymer clay anyway!

What is a baking queen to do when she can't bake?

1. I make a lot of dough.  My freezer now has plenty of goodies waiting to bake.  Oh, the luscious golden crumb, the flakey pastry... (That will have to wait until next Friday when Mr. Repairman restores my oven to working order.)

2. Peruse my cookbooks, recipes and other food blogs, longing for the day when I can bake in my own oven like a grown up.  (That will have to wait until next Friday when Mr. Repairman restores my oven to working order.)

3. Clean like a fiend - (while visions of freshly baked cookies, simmering pies and tender cakes swirl in my head.)

I have been on a cleaning spree.  I spent last night cleaning my desk, removing a shelf from the wall and organizing my art supplies.
The girls and Jon kept giving me worried glances, wondering when I was going to blow.
This morning, the girls had to leave the house before 7 am to take the SAT's again. And I have been cleaning since I got up at 6:15 to get them breakfast.

I took a quick break and thought about popping a muffin in the oven to go with my tea.
Then, GASP! realized that just wasn't possible...

Jon and the girls have been great through this ordeal.  They are sensitive to my loss and no one brings up the subject of homemade cookies or roast chicken.
They are content to eat sauteed flounder.
Grilled burgers.
Caesar Salad.
And tonight's dinner of chili.  Chili without cornbread!

Oh, do you see the conditions I am living under!

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