Thursday, November 11, 2010

My New Toy: An Electric Leaf Blower

I have a new toy.... And it works beautifully!
But before I sing its virtues, let me tell you some of the arguments against leaf blowers that I fully believed (up until I used one myself).
- They are loud.
- You still need to gather the leaves into a pile and bag it.
- Only lazy people use blowers, just use a rake!

OK. Acknowledged.

1. They are loud.  No arguments here.
2. You still do need to bag the leaves unless you mulch them.  This leafblower has a vacuum attachment that allows you to use vacuum up the leaves and mulch them at the same time.  I have not used this, but like this feature.  And, I didn't bag the leaves, I just blew them into the woods.  I do this when I rake as well.
3. As for being lazy, well, OK.  I will accept that label.  It's not like I am just sweeping my deck and feel like I need a blower for a small space.  THAT would be lazy.  But, with 3 decks, walkways and other areas, I think that the leafblower is a helpful tool

Here is the proof:

I am very pleased with the results.
Oh - and did I mention that using the blower is fun?  I feel like if I strapped it to my back, it would be a jet pack!

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