Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Old Man of the Mountain - Again...

 The Old Man of the Mountain was a rock formation in the White Mountains of NH that collapsed in 2003.  It stood 1200 feet above Profile Lake and was 40 feet tall, 25 feet wide.  It was composed of 5 granite ledges.
It was first recorded in 1805 and was formed by glaciers and discovered by a team of surveyors.

The image has been the state emblem since 1945, is on the state license plate and the route signs.
It was added to the State quarter even!

Through the years, the cold winters - freezes and thaws caused a crack in the forehead area.  In the 1920s it was mended with chains.  In 1957 the state of NH attempted to weatherproof it with 20 tons of cement, steel rods, and plastic covering.  A gutter was added to prevent run off from eroding the structure.  The state maintained the upkeep each summer.

Then, on May 3, 2003 the rock formation collapsed to the ground.
Though the years, many plans to create a replica have been thrown around, but have been rejected.
Then in June 2010 a group called Friends of the Old Man of the Mountain broke ground for a memorial located along Profile Lake.
The memorial is a 3 phase project sanctioned by the state.
Stage 1 - Create a viewing platform with "Steel Profilers" which when viewed with Cannon Cliff will create the view of the past -- of the Old Man when he was overlooking Franconia Notch.
Stage 2 -  A "Granite Gateway" which pays tribute to the those who maintained the Old Man during the last 100 years.
Stage 3 - Five large pieces of granite will be placed on the mountain that will appear from the ground to replicate the original 5 ledges that composed the Old Man.
The project is  funded by a private corporation with representatives from different state agencies.

 Here is our photo of the Old Man, from when Jon flew us through the Notch in November 2002.

And here is a 1/4 scale replica of the Old Man built in Hooksett (180 Londonderry Turnpike) located at Profile Self Storage.  It is built by three brothers costing upwards of $35,000.

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