Friday, November 19, 2010

Perspective and My Friend Natasha

Perspective is an interesting thing.
In college, we watched a film where 5 spectators witnessed a car accident and had to report on what they saw. Each person gave a different story about the same accident!  There were difference in perspective like opinions expressed like how people judge time or try to guess motive.  But there were also differences on tangible things like the color of the cars involved in the crash.
I was reminded of this incident when I saw Natasha today.

Something happened at her work and she had to cover for another tennis instructor who left work early.  So, not only did Natasha have her own classes to teach, but she had her administrative work to do as well.  Now, she also had to cover for this person who left work.

She told me that she was nervous about her afternoon class and had no time to plan.  She seemed frazzled and preoccupied.
Well, Natasha is one of the most intelligent, humble and hard working people I have ever met.  So, I was concerned for her.

She told me that we had only an hour to do our tennis lesson and warned me that she might have to leave early to teach her class.

Towards the end of our lesson, her students arrived..
As soon as they recognized Natasha, their eyes widened and they smiled huge grins!  These little kids looked like cherubs!
They saw their teacher hitting the ball (like a tennis pro) and were thrilled to see her in her element.
She left our lesson early to go start their lesson.  The kids were exited to play tennis immediately.  They were so intent on hitting the ball and following Natasha's instructions.

When I left the courts, the kids were well behaved, lined up and working on hitting the ball.  Natasha was doing a fabulous job keeping the kids involved and interested.  She looked like she had been doing that for years!
Natasha was doing beautifully.  She was a fabulous teacher and the kids were intent and attentive.

Funny how our perspective was so different!

I saw a tennis pro keeping the kids involved and motivated.  I wish I could have recorded the class for her to see!  For someone who was so nervous, she was so prepared!

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