Friday, November 05, 2010

The Pink Check Debacle or How I Embarrassed My Teenage Daughter (Again)

Well, there are a series of things that led up to this moment.  The "Oh, Mom!" moment for my daughter, Ashley, where she tried to wish herself into invisibility.
Let me start at the beginning.

I have been working on getting this trade show booth done at work.  There are deadlines that have to be met, the booth has to be packed so that it arrives in one piece and posters have to be made.  Well, it is progressing, but I still feel pressure to get it all done.

So, I have been what Jon calls "a little punchy" lately.  Punchy - as defined as

punch·y (pŭnˈchē)
adjective punchier punch·i·er, punchiest punch·i·est
  1. Characterized by vigor or drive: “He speaks in short, punchy sentences, using plain, populist words that excite” (Washington Post).
  2. Groggy or dazed from or as if from a punch or series of punches; punch-drunk.

This isn't a surprise to anyone that knows me, but it does tend to explain what happened next.

Ashley and I were waiting in line to pay for some things.  The clerk was waiting on the man in front of us.  The customer was a middle aged man who looked a little more exhausted than I felt.  He brought his teenage son with him to the store and the son was clearly pushing his limits with the father.  
So, the father writes a check to pay for his purchases and hands it to the clerk - a larger burly man who starts to chuckle to himself.
I must have looked like a gopher poking his head out of it's hole to see what the laughter was about, because the clerk held up the check and said, "Would you look at that?"  and he turns to show the check to me.

It was a hot pink check.  My eyebrows raise and I say (a little louder than Ashley would have liked), "Well, isn't that adorable!"
The burly clerk cracks up!  He grabs his belly and says, "that's what I think!".
The customer was not so pleased.

I patiently waited until Mr. Pink was done with his transaction and then we checked out and left.

When we got in the car, Ashley told me that she couldn't believe what I said.  I explained that it was rather unusual to see a man with a hot pink checkbook.  
Ashley told me that she thought the man was going to go "postal" when I chimed in.
I chuckled again. 
I thought I was pretty safe.  
How scary could a man with a pink check really be?

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