Sunday, November 07, 2010

Project: Beaded Poinsettia

Here is another oven-less project.  But this one is a favorite of mine marking the start of Christmas preparations!  Ashley & I have a list of things we are doing this Christmas and this project marks the start of our Christmas Season!

For this project, I used yellow seed beads, although other colors would work, like gold, light green or hazel.  I found these tear shaped beads at Michaels and used 10 beads per flower.  I also used 26 gauge wire from my stash. I used wire that matches the color of the beads.  (On a side note, I am hoping to find pink, cream and white tear shaped beads to make these poinsettias in other colors, as well.  I will keep you posted if I find a source for those.  Just make sure the holes are drilled with the beads running horizontally.)

I made 2 layers of 5 petals each.  I strung each seed bead on its own wire.  I have found that using an odd number of beads gives an visually pleasing result.  I showed 3 seed beads in the photo above, but I ended up making 5.
Take a good length of red wire - about 10 inches or so and thread 5 beads onto it.  Then, bend the wire into a circle, this creates the star shape.  Simply twist the wire to tighten it in position.  If you continue to twist and tighten it, the petals will start to curve inward, which gives a very interesting shape.
Place the two layers on top of each other and play with it until you find a position that you like.  You can do the next step one of two ways:
1. Clip the wires and gently tuck them behind a petal.  This produces a flower that is floppy. OR
2. Separate the wires and wrap around the petals as in the drawing below.

Then, take your yellow beads and feed them through the center of the petals.
Here is the underneath view.
 Then, wrap the yellow wires around the back to secure.
I mounted the poinsettia to a filigree tiny plate that was also sold in the jewelry section by securing with wire.  I attached a chain with a jump ring.
Then my model put on the necklace.

The poinsettia would also look great on a hairpin or with a pin.

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April@gingerbreadgirl said...

That is super cute!! Love the yellow center!!