Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quotes from the Weekend...

These quotes are 100% true and happened to me this weekend.
Is it any wonder my family thinks I am a little batty?

Conversation with a 7 year old today...
Kyle: What's your name?
me: Daniela
Kyle: Pause... What is your real name?
me: Dan-iel-la
Kyle: Pause longer this time...What do people call you?
me: Daniela.  Umm. My sisters call me "D"
Kyle: OK.  We will call you Miss D.

I tell Jon about this conversation and he chuckles.
Jon: Hah,  Misty! Get it - Miss D - Misty.
I get it. 

I tell Allie about this conversation 2 hours later
Allie: Hah, Misty!  Get it - Miss D - Misty
Oh, I get it, all right.

Earlier in the day my husband sees that I am looking online for some power tools.
Jon: What are you looking for?
me: A table saw
Jon: That's what I was afraid of.  You build one little drawer and you suddenly need a table saw.

My daughter Ashley brought her boyfriends family lunch today.  They are very fussy eaters and eat only limited food.
me: How did the lunch go?
Ashley: Good.  The healthiest thing they ate were the pigs in the blanket.

So you see, things are always interesting at our house.

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