Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days Until Christmas...

We have been bombarded with strange weather here in NH.  We expect snow, but it turns to rain.  We prepare for the cold and the temperature reaches 50 outside.  What odd weather for New England.

I have to remind myself that we are in the height of the Christmas Season.
Stores are getting more and more crowded.  Clerk's patience are dwindling.  Gas prices are rising.
But, there are also beautiful signs of the season.
Christmas lights adorn many houses, yards and windows.  Little children wear brightly colored hats and puffy jackets!  Christmas carols play inside stores.

We have only one more weekend before Christmas!
Now is the time to live in the moment and enjoy today.  Here are some ways to celebrate Christmas cost very little, but are priceless.
  1. Bask in the music - take a minute and enjoy a verse from a Christmas carol.
  2. Find a favorite decoration in your neighborhood.  Take a moment to appreciate your neighbor's hard work!
  3. Take a short break and enjoy some eggnog or a peppermint candy.  Just a burst of Christmas flavor can alter your day!
  4. Think about someone dear to your heart and send them your love.
  5. Send a little child an unexpected note in the mail.  To send extra happiness, ask for a sticker at the bank and tuck it in the note.  Little kids adore stickers!
  6. Send your siblings a email just wishing them well.  You don't have to ask questions or report any news.  Just send your love.
  7. Spend 5 minutes remember a favorite Christmas memory.
  8. Thank someone.  Sincerely, thank someone.
  9. Each night before falling asleep, count your blessings by thinking of just one thing that make you smile.  Do this everyday until Christmas.
Keep gratitude, peace and love in your heart and you will be celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

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SOFIA said...

Amen, sister, nice post!