Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Boa Constrictor in Littleton, NH?

I really was trying to keep December posts Advent Related, but this local news is too strange to miss!

Mike Cote holds the snake - photo from the Union Leader
A Littleton, NH Bridge Crew found a large snake over by the bridge.  Now, they have seen large snakes in NH, but nothing prepared them for what they found.  The snake, 7-8 feet long, was a boa constrictor.  They were unsure if it was alive or dead -- they snake wasn't moving but the thought it might be dormant.
So, they called the local expert, John Kelly from the Littleton Pet Center, whom confirmed that the snake was in fact dead.  I think it was the blood on it's head and the fact that it didn't move that gave it away.

Well, here is where the story gets strange.  Or stranger, depending on if you are a local yokel or not.
The crew and expert didn't dispose of the corpse.
Instead, they tossed it back on the ground and mentioned it on their scanner radios.
Looky-loos who heard the news, stopped by to see the unusual creature (albeit dead) and then it snowed for 2 days.

The corpse, is covered up with snow.  In Littleton.  Expect another article after the spring thaw about a boa constrictor infestation in the North Country.


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

So the big question is...was the snake placed there, or did it die there?

DamianC said...

Lots of Local scuttlebutt about this, there were 2 people walking around town with boa constrictors all summer long, maybe it belonged to them. I'm no fan of snakes, but what a poor animal if it was left to die in the cold.