Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Lights at LaSalette Shrine

LaSalette Shrine in Enfield, NH does an amazing light display each year from Thanksgiving through January 1st.  I have been going on and off from the time I was a child.  I brought my girls there when they were tiny.  Ashley and I visited this year and it was beautiful.  I am partial to Christmas lights anyway, but this location is particularly breathtaking.  LaSalette Church and grounds are located on a large plot of land with a hill behind the church.  Mascoma Lake is located across the street and the lights are visible across the lake.
Here are some of the pictures.  I have a hard time getting good pictures at night, so these photos don't do the lights justice.  But, take it from me, they are beautiful.  They turn the lights on at 5:00 each night.

Being a church, there is a strong religious message with the lights and the displays. They are not ones to say "Happy Holidays". Instead they shout Merry Christmas.
 All the shapes are wired to frames.  Some stand over 10 feet tall.  They are quite impressive.
 Here is the "Happy Birthday Jesus" chapel where children and families can go inside and write birthday cards to the Christ child.  I think it is also a way to warm up the kids on cold nights.
 Here is a view of just a portion of the top of the display.
 Another portion.
 And another portion!
 Here is a Nativity display.  The Baby Jesus will be added on Christmas Day.
 Here is the display for the Wise Men.  These and the Nativity are life size.
And lastly, someone has a sense of humor.... There is plenty of parking at LaSalette, but absolutely not in front of the offices.

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