Saturday, December 11, 2010

Eggnog Latte - Christmas Flavor at It's Best!

This time of year brings one of the most traditional flavors of the season - Eggnog!
I find eggnog to be delicious - kind of like French Vanilla ice cream.  But, so rich that I can only drink a little because it is so heavy!  But, I still love it.

Well, leave it to Starbucks to offer a flavor that I couldn't resist!  The eggnog latte.  I asked the "barista" what went into the Eggnog latte.  She offered to make it with either coffee or espresso and steamed eggnog.  I asked her if she could make it without the coffee or espresso and she agreed.  It was delicious, steamed eggnog.
Later in the week, I decided that I was ready to try the coffee version.  I was disappointed.  But, not to give up (I am no quitter!) I went home and tinkered with the recipe until I found one that I love.

4 oz eggnog
2 oz milk
3 oz hot coffee
sprinkle nutmeg

Steam the eggnog and milk.  (I actually heat the milk and eggnog mixture and then whip it with a little aerator.) Then I add the hot coffee and some freshly grated nutmeg.

Oh - just heavenly...

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