Monday, December 27, 2010

Ice Cream Christmas Desserts

What could be better than ice cream AND Christmas?  
Here are some great ideas from around the web that combine these two wonders.  It is too late for Christmas Day desserts, but you still have a few days to use these this season!
 These adorable snowman shots from The family Kitchen.... uses chocolate chips for eyes and a carrot bit for the nose (almost healthy!)
 These ice cream trees from Live Laugh and Cook use ice cream made from folded paper.  She gives detailed instructions and tips!
Family Fun shows these super easy kid friendly Christmas trees.

 Breyers Ice Cream came up with these adorable ice cream ball ornaments. I like how they roll them in non-pariels, but you can use sprinkles, nuts or crushed candies for a similar effect.
 Breyers Ice Cream also came up with this adorable snowman rolled in coconut with a kiwi and strawberry hat!
Edible Crafts at Craft Gossip shows how to make these simple snowmen with marshmallow heads!


Eileen Lonergan said...

FANTASTIC! You have made my day merry and bright with these ideas. Thank you for sharing!

Eileen Lonergan said...

FANTASTIC! You have made my day merry with this post - I really can't wait to serve the ice cream ornament balls at my family holiday party, thank you!

Unknown said...

How do you get the twizzler on top of the reces to stick??

Unknown said...

how do you get the twizzler to stick to the reces pb cup on top?

DannyB said...

Two methods:
Use a dab of melted chocolate and hold the twizzler in place until it dries.. It can take about a minute or so. It is messy.
Pierce 2 holes in the PB cup on what will be the top.. On the bottom of the PB cup, remove some chocolate and PB so you have a place to "tie off the twizzler after you thread the twizzler through the top. Sometimes, you don't need to tie it off... but it should be long enough so that it doesn't come out easily...

Mayapandit said...

your methods and dessert recipes are very unique, and moreover i love the design which you make, they are so cute.