Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nativity Triptych

I found a website called North Pole Christmas that features beautiful Christmas projects. They sell various projects and supplies, but they also give free patterns for those who want to "diy" or do it yourself.
I saw this gorgeous Nativity Triptych on their site this fall and was inspired to make my own!  I immediately knew that I wanted to make this for someone dear to me.
North Pole Christmas's Nativity

First, I downloaded the file from the very generous North Pole Christmas.  I printed it out, along with the instructions that are on that site.  I bought some wood at Loew's and traced the pattern onto it.  Andy from work, cut the wood for me, as I am just learning this aspect and it would give my husband a heart attack to see me working on a band saw, table saw or jigsaw.....(pretty much any saw would accomplish that.)

After the wood was cut, I sanded it and sketched on the painting.  This was my favorite part!  The website comes with instructions to make the exact one shown.  I wanted a little variation. My colors are a little brighter and I didn't want to use ribbon on the candles.
So, I spent about a week painting the image, adding shadows and highlights and re-sanding.  I wanted the piece to have a worn look - as if they were an old decoration that you took out each year.

When I finished the piece, I sealed it and prepared to deliver it.  After Thanksgiving, when almost everyone had left, I set it out on the bar for my father to "discover" when he finally got a chance to rest for the day!
I am really happy with the way it turned out!

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