Sunday, December 05, 2010

Nutcrackers in New London

This year New London is trying to lure shoppers to spend money this Christmas season.  A group of businesses got together and formed Destination New London, where shoppers get cards stamped at participating businesses and when the cards are full, they are drawn in a raffle for various prizes.
I applaud their efforts to boost the local economy.
They also have the Nutcrackers posted around town in front of and inside area businesses.  This is along the lines of the Gnus of New London.  I think they did a great job with it.  The Nutcrackers are all made from a plywood cutout and then each business did their own thing with it.  
Some businesses were quite clever and other nutcrackers were stupendous.  Unleashed, the local pet store featured extremely impressive nutcrackers that looked like pets!

The Millstone had 3 nutcrackers, a chef, a waiter and a traditional nutcracker
 Tailor Joan did an adorable one with her embroidered apron on it!
But my favorite one was the Indian from Art of Nature.  The face looks like a little human!

What a fun idea!


SOFIA said...

There must be a lot of nuts in NL for there to be all those nutcrackers!

DannyB said...

OH, There are plenty of nuts... But, there used to be more!

SOFIA said...