Monday, December 06, 2010

Project: Beaded Scarf Necklace

 Here is fun project that is easy enough to do, but adds an elegant accessory for the holidays.

You can use a swatch of fabric, but I just repurposed a scarf that I have.  Choose an odd number of wooden beads, some metallic thread, some regular sewing thread and a needle, and a shoelace.

First, string your wooden beads onto the shoelace (or cord) and know in between each bead.  You want to have a little wiggle room between the knots and the beads. You also want the beads to be evenly spaced.  Leave 6 -8 inches of tail at both ends of the beads.

 Roll the string of beads up in the scarf.  Don't be too tight or too loose.  If anything, a little loose on the scarf is best.
 Gently stich the length of the necklace with large stitches, just to hold it in place.  I think this is called basting.  It is not necessary, but makes the next step easier and neater.
 Now, with your pretty metallic thread, starting at one end, begin to make knots around each bead. I wound the thread a few times around each bead, fed the thread through and moved on to the next bead.
Continue knotting around all your beads.  When done, tie off and add a dab of glue for extra hold on the knots at the beginning and at the end.
 Size the necklace by tying it, at a length that is comfortable for you.  I added jewelry pins to the necklace, but it is fun plain.
 It looks so pretty from behind, just like a fashionable scarf!

I love that it uses a scarf to make a fun necklace.  The print of the scarf will easily change the look of the necklace.  Very fun in either prints or solid material! (Thanks to my model!)

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Alicen said...

I really love this!! I'm definitely going to do this. thanks for sharing!!!