Monday, December 06, 2010

Project: My Own Nativity Scene

I love Nativity scenes.  There is something so soothing in seeing the entire cast of the Nativity together under a Christmas tree.  Perhaps it goes back to my childhood, where the Nativity was really never complete... My mother didn't want the Baby Jesus placed in the creche until it was late Christmas Eve.  So, the scene would sit incomplete until Christmas morning.
Then, since the Three Kings aren't supposed to arrive until January 6th - the Ephiphany - they weren't allowed under the tree until then.  This made for a disappointing and unfinished scene.  I was not happy about this.
When I had my own family, we always had a Nativity scene.  A few years ago, my Italian uncle brought us a beautiful one from Italy complete with villagers and barnyard animals.  It is absolutely gorgeous.
I have always placed the Nativity scene complete with the full cast at all times.

I made my own Nativity scene this year and quite enjoyed it!
I started out with these wooden peg people.  They stand 3-4 inches tall.
I sketched the complete cast and then went to work painting the characters.
Here is my sketch.
At first, I was just going to paint them.  Then, I decided that I wanted a more 3D effect.  I didn't want to use fabric or felt, so I decided to use polymer clay.
This gave me the opportunity to make some taller than others (like the Kings) and I love the way the cloaks drape over the figures!

 And here is the Royal Family....

 The Three Kings
 An Angel & A Shepherd


2littlehooligans said...

i love this! oh how i want to make one but im not so good with painting faces:)

piero canuto said...

great work and good idea

SOFIA said...

Jalal likes the three kings... I wonder why? He said are those arabs?

Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

Oh my - you are good!

Renee said...

Wowsa! Impressive!