Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tardis Quilt

TARDIS Quilt or Dr. Who Quilt or Quilt for my science fiction loving daughter!
Dr. Who's TARDIS
Of one Ashley's favorite shows is the British show Dr. Who.  She is an avid fan.  Last year, I made her an Adipose and she decorated her sneakers with Dr. Who characters.  This year, I thought I would make her a quilt. I couldn't come up with a theme for the quilt until I searched for a Dr. Who idea. I came up with one in the shape of the Tardis -- the spaceship type thing that the Doctor travels through the universe and through time.
First, I sketched out the quilt to decide what I thought I needed to include.  I designed it in blocks, so that I could piece together each block and assemble the quilt.
I ran into a bit of difficulty finding the fabric. I wanted a black pattern for the space behind the Tardis, two shades of blue for the actual Police Box, yellow for the windows and white.  
I had a hard time finding the black fabric for the background.  When I finally found it, they only had 1 1/2 yards!  I thought I could make it work -- if I was strategic.
So, I found a second fabric and put it on the sides beside the binding.

The first thing I did after buying the fabric (and washing it) was measure the white panel and take it to our local seamstress Tailor Joan. She embroidered the words POLICE BOX onto that piece.   It really helped to have this panel to build the quilt around.

I cut all the fabric and slowly finished putting the top together.  I had to work around Ashley's schedule.  So, I had to make a quilt in a month, but only when Ashley wasn't around!  
No worries, I do my best work under pressure.

The benefits of making the quilt without a standard pattern, was that I could make it long enough for Ashley to be able to tuck it under her legs.  So, when it was complete, it was quite long...
Overall, it will fit over a twin size bed (with overhang and extra long length).  

 You can't really see from the pictures, but the fabric is quilted with swirls to resemble space.  The Tardis is quilted in blue.  The backing fabric is a a batik print that looks like a space nebula!
 Here is the happy recipient of the quilt.

And a close up of the happy girl with her very own Tardis!

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LyndaB said...

That quilt is absolutely awesome!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

WOW!! The time that bea*YOU*ful quilt must have taken you to make. I am so impressed.

Thank you for linking up to "Amaze Me Monday" blog party. I hope to see you next week!

Happy Holidays,