Thursday, January 27, 2011

Drawings for This Week

I've been continuing with my weekly drawings.  I am finding that I am enjoying it more and more each time. I keep them in a sketchbook and even enjoy thumbing through the book to see some of my older drawings.  It's fun to see how my mood can come through in the drawings - simple and serious or intense or playful.

 I really like the way the poinsettia looks in black and white.  The poinsettias that the girls gave me are still in bloom 2 months later!  They are quite a treat in the window glowing fire engine red or a mottled pink.  But, I even like the black and white drawing version.
 I did this image after stumbling upon a nest of mice in our wood-room.  I am not one to see the beauty in mice, so this drawing still gives me the creeps.
This drawing was pure fun.  It is a little owl with giant eyes. I like working on the shading. I am starting to get the hang of it.


piero canuto said...

You do a great work :)

Jenna said...

I love your drawings, especially the first one of the barn! Beautiful. I think it's very cool that you do it regularly. Creativity is such an important part of who we are, but I guess it takes intentionality to get the juices flowing.