Monday, January 31, 2011

Eau de Paper White Narcissus

WARNING: Do not read this if you are easily offended.

Paper whites are easy to grow narcissus bulbs.  Because they don't require a cold spell they can be forced indoors with ease.  I have not been successful growing them until this year when I took the bulbs to work and potted them in my office.
Jon and I went to work on Saturday when the plant is normally closed, but instead of being alone, the cleaning crew were there.
I went into my office to get my safety glasses before going out into the shop and noticed that the paper whites had bloomed!  I was so happy.  I went to work with a spring in my step.
When I returned to my office, the cleaning crew were steaming the carpet and scrubbing the bathrooms.  There was a strong smell that I attributed to the cleaning of the bathrooms.  I was glad to leave, thinking that the odor would have a day and a half to dissipate before I came back to work.
But, when I got to work Monday morning, the smell was back.  And it was awful.  It smelled like urine.
I am sensitive to smells, so I asked Rob if he noticed the odor.  He sniffed deeply and agreed that there was a smell.  He sniffed all around the offices and deduced that the smell was coming from my office.
He sniffed around and told me that the smell was coming from the flowers!!

No!  I couldn't believe it.  The flowers were so beautiful.    How could this be true?

Sure enough.  Rob was correct.  The flowers were the culprit.  I didn't know what to do with the plants.  On the one hand, they were so beautiful and I had never had success growing bulbs in the past.   I told Rob about my predicament and he offered to throw them out for me!!

I didn't want to part with them, but I didn't want them in my office either.  So, I moved them into the enclosed entrance.  It was bright and sunny and hopefully would contain the smell.

 Jon arrived at work a little while later.  He came in through the entrance and stopped in my office.
He told me that someone put a piss plant in the entrance!

That made my decision all the easier.  From there the paper whites went to the trash...


SOFIA said...

That's a real shame about the unpleasant Narcissus. Maybe their name shoud be 'Eau de Toilette paper....'? or Papier hygenique....

SOFIA said...

A native to Europe and Asia, Paperwhites are now grown around the world. Paperwhites are smaller in size, compared to other daffodils. Only a few other winter flowers have a more delicious fragrance than Narcissus papyraceus, more commonly known as the Paper White. A sub-species of the Narcissus tazetta, the clusters of these delicate star-shaped flowers on slender stems lend themselves to beautifully simple arrangements. The scent of Paper whites will permeate the room.

Everyone finds the scent pleasing, and most people do, the scent will add to the spring-like atmosphere.


DannyB said...

Ha! I assure you that neither I nor anyone else in the offices would describe that scent as "pleasing"....

They are so darn pretty though!